Hi Everyone! We’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed the early stages of this blogging magazine-hopeful experiment. We have new things in store for you and it begins on our site:

In the next few months we’ll be rolling out more awesome resources and original reporting as well as content that speaks to your average issues and lifestyle. Look forward to the following resources we’re testing on our site.

  • Event Lists: Boston and Seattle (for starters)
  • Music reviews
  • Video Series: A Year From Graduation, conversations with gals and guys who have been out in the world for a year and have things to tell you!
  • Other original reporting like
    • Partisan young people: The upcoming politicians, who are they and what do they believe?
    • Why does sunscreen smell like that?
    • Why can’t we shake “like” and other dialect bugs?
    • Listen to music through headphones, does it make you self-centered?
  • MORE VOICES: We’re always expanding, if you or someone you know is looking to expand their writing skills and knows anything about anything (marketing, science, travel, food, politics, sociology, fashion, sports, struggle city, music, comedy, business, law, events, television… seriously anything) send them to the contribute page!

And again check out our main site: Benci Media

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Thanks pips.