When I.R.S. Stands For ‘I’m Really Sorry’

IRS Scandal Meme(1)

Last week, a controversial Inspector General report showed that the IRS had aimed extreme scrutiny on conservative and tea party groups groups applying for tax-exemption.  It has been a scandal suggesting a violation of the Constitution perpetrated by the IRS with the nod of people within the Obama Administration.  President Obama has denounced the actions as inexcusable, but unfortunately scandal is not extinguished so easily. Continue reading


Open Letter to Graduates: Don’t lose touch with friends who know how you poop

There are many reasons you will lose touch with friends between 18 and 25-years-old.  He or she might dive into medical school, hike through Europe or Indiana for sixth months, or maybe you will just need a bit of a break towards the very end of your constant togetherness.

It’s O.K. that some of your  friendships shift into fun acquaintances, but there are some you have to put work into even if you never had to before. So? You say—things changed between high school and college you think it might be kind of the same. Well it is, but it kind of isn’t. Continue reading

Calls on White House Close GTMO

Calls on White House Close GTMO

For weeks now, protestors have been demanding prisoners of Guantanamo Bay be transferred to the federal court system. One hundred of the 166 prisoners are participating in a hunger strike forcing the medical staff to feed them using nasal tubes. Today marks the 100th day of the strike.

  1. If you are in Boston today, come to South Station at 5PM to say ‘CLOSE GTMO’ privacysos.org/node/1054
  2. @codepink and other protestors assemble in Boston to demand Obama close Guantanamo bay! pic.twitter.com/HAIy1BDvrK #GTMO #gitmo #CloseGTMO

Flying Marriages: A fairytale or fail

It’s not just you, it seems young people liked walking down an aisle at graduation so much that they are talking about doing it again as soon as humanly possible.  If it’s a sign of their maturity you may think it’s a sign of your own immaturity.  Moreover, if it is their security for  everything from Saturday plans to a partner to buy a house, you may think that it is your assurance you’re going to be alone forever.  Still, the few that do the deed number nothing compared to all those dying to talk about it on the regular.  Are we really ready to take our relationship with marriage to the next level? Continue reading

Characters on Instagram: Personal branding for community building

Instagram broke out onto the social media scene in 2010 and has become a cross-network picture sharing phenomenon. It currently has 100 million monthly users and 7.3 daily users uploading up to 4 billion photos.


Imagine 100 likes of your landscape picture

Instagram is arguably the social network with the most potential to share personality and therefore a breakout tool in personal branding.  It’s mobile-only which means that your entire account is in your pocket and you never need any extra files.  It’s also visually pleasing so unless you’re really bad at Instagramming, your page probably looks kind of awesome no matter who you are or which photography school you didn’t attend.  You can locate yourself, tag, and @message brands and hip places when you visited that one time or make it seem like you spend your days sipping cappuccino.

As you can imagine, the characters of the world have taken up their duty in personal branding and all of us regular people with 5-10 like’s a picture can look to them for life inspiration. Here are some outstanding personal brands (that is not a company) which exemplify personality meeting social media. Enjoy! Continue reading

WWETD: What Would Emily Thorne Do

Successful Asshole

But really...who'd mess with that glare.

But really…who’d mess with that glare.

I think it’s safe to say that as much as we envy Emily Thorne (from ABC’s Revenge) for her wardrobe, beach house, array of beautiful boyfriends both fake and real, she is kind of a psychopath.  Still, we don’t mind thinking about what we would do if we didn’t have to work and could spend our time plotting against those who wronged us.  I know it’s not Sunday but we couldn’t wait to share one of our favorite fantasies.

The classmate from hell who is now successful.  We’re not talking about the kid at the front of the class who reminded the teacher about homework—no this kid was irresponsible, unskilled, and bossy.  He/She threw teammates under the bus in front of professors, lacked the skills to put together a simple project, and didn’t even win over the favor of any professors.  Now, they work a full-time job in a major city and post every day about how much life is working for them.  Enjoy the fantasy people.