Benci: An aspiring-magazine about everything and nothing

At Benci, we are a lot of things.  We drift back and forth between over the top introspection and the desire to help others.  We want to learn about ourselves and the world and yet live in the moment and have the time of our lives.  We want to laugh and cry and be an individual and just like everyone else.  It’s exhausting.

In digital media there is often websites for niche audiences, the bro, the working woman, the hipster, the celebrity-crazed follower and so on and so forth.  This model is easy, fun, and garners advertisers who have outlined this type of consumer to sell their products and services.  At Benci we think some websites  frankly make us feel simplified— boxed into a category of how we should be and what we should like.  In all this, we feel there has been a disintegration of quality feature journalism, we have trouble finding story-telling for the purpose of understanding in the mass of quick and easy online content.  And yet some of this easily digestible content is also fun to read and write, shareable, and interesting.  So where is the line?

Under self-professed naivete, Benci is an experimental blog and magazine-to-be, driven by curiosity.  It is a site for stories about people like us and people not like us.  Good things like love, success, and motivation, and bad things like inequality, destruction, and failure.  Stories that come about like, “Hey I wonder…” as well as “lol let’s post about…”

We want to be informed, entertained, pushed, and in control.  This means that we have to be serious and comical, complex and simple, but overall honest.  It’s a magazine with an identity crisis just like yours.

Welcome to Benci.


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