Should the Jonas Brothers Apologize?

Should the Jonas Brothers Apologize?

The famous brothers, mysteriously cancelled their tour two days before kick-off. More importantly, two days ago, they deleted their Twitter account without a word. Is this #firstworldproblems or do the beloved bros owe the legion of extra-loyal fans something—anything. I’m scared.

  1. how could the jonas brothers just cancel their tour and their ACCOUNT without saying a single word your fans deserve better than that
  2. RT if you’ve followed the jonas brothers for 6 years on twitter #JonasBrothersPleaseComeBack
  3. I made my twitter to follow the jonas brothers. I made my facebook to watch the Facebook exclusive jonas brothers live chat.
  4. Yes these live chats were a source to reach out to fans. I know they were widely anticipated, as some people with jumping bean sisters rushed to the screen to be a part of Jonas fandom.
  5. “It’s 2013 the Jonas Brothers don’t have fans anymore” look at all those not fans at a Jonas Brothers concert wow…
  6. The latest non-statement from a Joe Jonas who rebuffs questions like he is actually offended someone would ask them.
  7. Joe Jonas breaks his silence after the Jonas Brothers tour cancellation:
  8. I suggest Jonas brothers team to COME TO US AND TELL THE TRUTH TO OUR FUCKING FACES. It’s been 4 years, QUIT THE SHIT, you TWATS.
  9. Jonas Brothers Need Some Family Hug Time After Cancelled Tour Fuels Feud Rumors The Jonas Brothers might just need a family sit-down to work past that “deep rift” that caused them to cancel their tour. It seems like that was the plan, but unfortunately t
  10. Y’all the Jonas brothers broke up

    My childhood



    In the fire with my jobros posters and Kevin necklace

  11. @OCEANUP Jonas Brothers left without a single word, not even sorry
  12. For anyone who has never been swept away by an idea or person, movie or story, it probably seems a little silly.  But there are two sides to this irritating situation. The first is that the Jonas Brothers signed on to be icons, they made themselves from the idea that they would be features of obsession, and they carved out from an audience specifically to achieve fame, success, and opportunity. They weren’t a small band content in their hometown, and they cemented their icon-ness with movies, T.V. shows, and autobiography documentaries.
  13. 20 years from now i will play the Jonas Brothers songs and told my kids that they should thank them for saving my life.
  14. i wanted the jonas brothers to be my first concert
  15. So secondly, the Jonas brother’s fan base is not polite onlookers and
    the Bros know it. These girls some of which turn to the JoBros to get
    through bullying, heartache, familial issues, or self esteem bumps, are
    real fans—and though it seems hard to process, the reciprocal
    relatiopship is most definitely owed an apology at least. 
  16. That sound you hear is a million hearts breaking at once because…
  17. Here I’ll draft it—get the ball rolling: “We are really sorry for canceling our tour. Please give us some time to work through personal matters. Thank you to our amazing fans for their years (and years and years) of constant support and love.  – The Jonas Brothers
  18. @greggarbo The Jonas Brothers are OK? 😥 II’m crying, idk what its happening. I’m scared.
  19. I just don’t get it, it just really hurts then amount of things we have all done for The jonas Brothers,now there’s no jonas ? Like forever?

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