Calls on White House Close GTMO

Calls on White House Close GTMO

For weeks now, protestors have been demanding prisoners of Guantanamo Bay be transferred to the federal court system. One hundred of the 166 prisoners are participating in a hunger strike forcing the medical staff to feed them using nasal tubes. Today marks the 100th day of the strike.

  1. If you are in Boston today, come to South Station at 5PM to say ‘CLOSE GTMO’
  2. @codepink and other protestors assemble in Boston to demand Obama close Guantanamo bay! #GTMO #gitmo #CloseGTMO
  3. We delivered over 370,000 signatures to White House saying close Guantanamo. Change.Org/CloseGTMO
  4. Today marks the 100th day of the #GTMO hunger-strike. Repatriate the prisoners, close the camp, tear down the wire End the torture. #GTMO17
  5. LIVE from #DC @ The White House:… Police gave 3rd announcement: You are now under arrest. 14 stand ready. #GTMO17
  6. They look so dangerous. RT @BrandonTXNeely: My friends & former #GTMO detainees Shafiq & Ruhal #GTMO17
  7. Guantanamo lingo: “minders”=Public Affairs escorts that take reporters on scripted tours #GitmoChat
  8. GTMO in the mainstream news
  9. ‘’It’s not sustainable,’’ Obama said at a White House news conference.

    ”The notion that we’re going to keep 100 individuals in no man’s
    land in perpetuity,’’ he added, made no sense. ‘‘All of us should
    reflect on why exactly are we doing this? Why are we doing this?’’
    – Boston Globe, April 30, 2013

  10. In keeping with millennial activism, a very large part of this campaign comes from the reach of social media.
  11. The White House has a switchboard setup to take your calls. (202)-456-1111 – Call and demand Guantanamo be closed. #GTMO17 #opGTMO
  12. “@SaveShaker: Please use tag #GTMO17. Remember to steal tweets, don’t just retweet. Individual tweets create a trending topic. RT’s do not.”
  13. Still trending at number one! Keep going #GTMO17

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