Dating the guy from home

What to do when you’re back home from campus and looking for a little sugar?  Well unfortunately if you’re anything like us, this is how it’ll go.


You’ve moved back home and at first it’s like

But you might be able to get used to it

And you’re friends also landed here for the time being so you’re like

And go out to entertain yourselves

And in walks your high school crush

and you get your flirt on

The first week of your date-dom your picture yourself like

But come to think of it you don’t have much in common

And everyone tells you he’s dated half your graduating class

But you can’t get away from him because hello there’s one bar in town

So you hook up for a while because your part-time is crappy and his ‘company’ is

But you really have nothing in common and you’re like

But also kind of

But you vaguely remember you have a degree and some kind of direction

So you pick yourself up and say

And move on to the distractions a town over where no one knows you


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