WWETD: What Would Emily Thorne Do

Successful Asshole

But really...who'd mess with that glare.

But really…who’d mess with that glare.

I think it’s safe to say that as much as we envy Emily Thorne (from ABC’s Revenge) for her wardrobe, beach house, array of beautiful boyfriends both fake and real, she is kind of a psychopath.  Still, we don’t mind thinking about what we would do if we didn’t have to work and could spend our time plotting against those who wronged us.  I know it’s not Sunday but we couldn’t wait to share one of our favorite fantasies.

The classmate from hell who is now successful.  We’re not talking about the kid at the front of the class who reminded the teacher about homework—no this kid was irresponsible, unskilled, and bossy.  He/She threw teammates under the bus in front of professors, lacked the skills to put together a simple project, and didn’t even win over the favor of any professors.  Now, they work a full-time job in a major city and post every day about how much life is working for them.  Enjoy the fantasy people.


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