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Should the Jonas Brothers Apologize?

Should the Jonas Brothers Apologize?

The famous brothers, mysteriously cancelled their tour two days before kick-off. More importantly, two days ago, they deleted their Twitter account without a word. Is this #firstworldproblems or do the beloved bros owe the legion of extra-loyal fans something—anything. I’m scared.

  1. how could the jonas brothers just cancel their tour and their ACCOUNT without saying a single word your fans deserve better than that
  2. RT if you’ve followed the jonas brothers for 6 years on twitter #JonasBrothersPleaseComeBack
  3. I made my twitter to follow the jonas brothers. I made my facebook to watch the Facebook exclusive jonas brothers live chat.
  4. Yes these live chats were a source to reach out to fans. I know they were widely anticipated, as some people with jumping bean sisters rushed to the screen to be a part of Jonas fandom.
  5. “It’s 2013 the Jonas Brothers don’t have fans anymore” look at all those not fans at a Jonas Brothers concert wow…
  6. The latest non-statement from a Joe Jonas who rebuffs questions like he is actually offended someone would ask them.
  7. Joe Jonas breaks his silence after the Jonas Brothers tour cancellation:
  8. I suggest Jonas brothers team to COME TO US AND TELL THE TRUTH TO OUR FUCKING FACES. It’s been 4 years, QUIT THE SHIT, you TWATS.
  9. Jonas Brothers Need Some Family Hug Time After Cancelled Tour Fuels Feud Rumors The Jonas Brothers might just need a family sit-down to work past that “deep rift” that caused them to cancel their tour. It seems like that was the plan, but unfortunately t
  10. Y’all the Jonas brothers broke up

    My childhood



    In the fire with my jobros posters and Kevin necklace

  11. @OCEANUP Jonas Brothers left without a single word, not even sorry
  12. For anyone who has never been swept away by an idea or person, movie or story, it probably seems a little silly.  But there are two sides to this irritating situation. The first is that the Jonas Brothers signed on to be icons, they made themselves from the idea that they would be features of obsession, and they carved out from an audience specifically to achieve fame, success, and opportunity. They weren’t a small band content in their hometown, and they cemented their icon-ness with movies, T.V. shows, and autobiography documentaries.
  13. 20 years from now i will play the Jonas Brothers songs and told my kids that they should thank them for saving my life.
  14. i wanted the jonas brothers to be my first concert
  15. So secondly, the Jonas brother’s fan base is not polite onlookers and
    the Bros know it. These girls some of which turn to the JoBros to get
    through bullying, heartache, familial issues, or self esteem bumps, are
    real fans—and though it seems hard to process, the reciprocal
    relatiopship is most definitely owed an apology at least. 
  16. That sound you hear is a million hearts breaking at once because…
  17. Here I’ll draft it—get the ball rolling: “We are really sorry for canceling our tour. Please give us some time to work through personal matters. Thank you to our amazing fans for their years (and years and years) of constant support and love.  – The Jonas Brothers
  18. @greggarbo The Jonas Brothers are OK? 😥 II’m crying, idk what its happening. I’m scared.
  19. I just don’t get it, it just really hurts then amount of things we have all done for The jonas Brothers,now there’s no jonas ? Like forever?

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SlideShare: Slower-paced thoughtful content strategy

Are you interested in content strategy? Or do you think content production is the journo-slashing, creative-killing henchman of marketing? Well say hi to a new wave of content that is really an individualized, long-form way to discover products.  The question is can the internet leap from terrible content to content that respects its readers? We think yes.

We like this Slide Share because, while Benci is not in the market of selling products, we are in content production attempting to build up the audience experience not dilute it. This presentation demonstrates that, fast, easy, and efficient funnels don’t always mean brand longevity.

How to tell when you’re addicted to your alma mater

We all may or may not be slightly obsessed with college, but there might be a problem if you are obsessed with your alma mater.

  • You still use the lanyard you got for orientation

  • You hang out on campus… for the free wifi

  • You regularly sit in the open cafe… for the Panda Express

  • You start stories with, “Well at _____”

  • You still wear your letters

  • You try to get your work friends to have basement parties

  • You retweet your Dean of Students more than twice a day

  • You’ve met with more than one professor for lunch in a week

  • Your diploma is hanging over your bed

  • You bought the mascot in pet form, and it’s a goat

  • You date men who look like the mascot


  • You try and incorporate the colors into your wardrobe at least once a week and especially on game day

  • Your stationary has the university crest on it and you are not an administration member

  • You eat a big meal and pretend its the dining hall challenge

  • You call places in your office the names of buildings

  • You plan which alumni weekend activities you’ll do a year in advance

  • You call the office of alumni relations daily to see if you can be a mentor

But no matter how obsessed you are when that phone call comes for a donation you still say:

  • Sorry I have $25,000 worth of student loans, call back in a year.

Not illegal not constitutional: What current events say about our legal protection

Gary PruittCan scandals that involve public criminal suits over constitutional violations blow over on a technicality.  Well says the Washington post blog, technically yes.  In light of two recent gray-area scandals we’re asking, how?

Last week was quite the week for news makers and news deliverers.  In an effort to uncover the leaky source of a story of a foiled terror plot, the Justice Department subpoenaed Associated Press direct lines, cell phones, home phones and office numbers of sources and journalists.  On Sunday, AP president and CEO Gary Pruitt called the phone records probe unconstitutional.  He said, “We don’t question their rights to conduct these sorts of investigations.  We just think they went about it the wrong way—so sweeping, so secretively so abusively, so harrasingly, and over-broad that it… is an unconstitutional act.”

Host of CBS’ Face the Nation Bob Schieffer explained that the importance stretches beyond a journalist’s scoop.  The significance of a reporter’s autonomy extends into the function of democracy and the rights of news organizations to report and distribute information of public need — maintaining transparency and protecting the overreach of government.

Under their own rules, they are required to narrow this request as narrowly as possible so as to not tread upon the First Amendment.– Gary Pruitt

Pruitt goes on to say that the process  he would have expected would have been either a collaborative narrowing effort, that limited the “sweeping” aspect of the investigation, or one that took place in the justice department.  The important repercussions in this scandal include of course, the loss of important sources afraid to be monitored by the government.

In a, yes, separate scandal last week, the IRS was found to have placed extra scrutiny on various conservative groups, but as the Washington Post Blog pointed out, most likely, no one will go to jail over the issue.

“I am not aware of any statute that prohibits IRS targeting of applicants,” said Republican lawyer Jan Baran, who served as general counsel to George H.W. Bush and the RNC.

Other politically inclined lawyers agree.  We thought an interesting topic based on these two events and many others this century are the following questions:

  • What is simultaneously not illegal and not constitutional?
  • When does something cross over from threatening the constitution to blasting through it?
  • In the end is technical justice process truly positive for society?
  • Do we trust that unconstitutionality is still enough to protect us from injustice?

Want to take on a discussion, or report on these topics? Pitch us now or comment below!

Other Media: WGBH’s Series hosted by Peter Sagal is an episodic look at the Constitution and what it means in life and public policy. It’s worth a watch!

Watch It’s a Free Country: Know Your Rights! on PBS. See more from Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.

Popular Products Replace Our Polly Pocket Collection

Okay, you’ve lived without your doll collection for a really long time.  It’s been a few years since you took them all out just to count and admire.  Have you ever wondered though why you see some products think, “Oh that collection is so pretty, I want it all.”  There is a reason things come in “lines” or “series” and we suspect it’s more than a production reason.  Some items meet the same need, smellphoto(1) the same, and look the same but are sold as separate pieces of a series.  These unnecessary things replace the need to buy doctor, vet, librarian Barbie with grown-up collections.  This all while begging the question are we obsessive collectors at heart?

The 4-year-old I babysit loves to lay out her princess dresses, Fancy Nancy series, and plastic fruit in rows and just look at it, her head tilted approvingly to the side.  When I found myself with four of the Baby Lips Line from Maybelline New York, I ended up lining them up and doing the exact same thing. They looked so pretty all together.  But hey don’t judge—here are some other products you’d probably love to collect and gaze at when you need some order.

Click through our gallery! Continue reading

Best of Improvised Eduction

When you’re post-grad, life teaches lessons constantly, but sometimes we need a syllabus or lesson plan to make learning easier.  Learning new things as a professional has the potential to keep you sharp, creative, and wordily, all things that can help the finance woman, the social scientist, or the writer.  Problem—you might be working 40-hours-a-week, planning to move, or not willing to throw down while you pay off your loans.  Fear not, one of the lessons life has taught us is yes you can improvise education on your own, you just need to know where to look.

Constant Contact Seminars

The Constant Contact Seminar series may not be something you want to visit regularly, but it is a fresh way to learn about marketing, copy writing, and social media if you don’t have a degree in those fields.  Learning how to communicate on a mass digital scale, and build loyal communities for a brand can help in many situations where you need to think about campaigns, analytics, or email marketing.  On top of the skills you will be introduced to, you get the chance to network and hear from some of the local businesses on the panel and in the audience.  All in all a great place to kick start your imagination and bring fresh ideas to the office, cover letters, or start-up idea!

iTunes U

If you’re anything like us, you thought iTunesU was some kind of data mining personalization thing.  Little did we know it’s actually a catalog of academic lessons and they’re free! Some courses have video lectures, lecture notes, and assigned readings.  The topics range from finance, writing, astronomy, history, to happiness, death, and autism in courses from well known universities.  The downside is that it’s self-directed so there’s a chance you might end up taking a nap instead of doing your homework, but if you want it it’s a great and cheap resource for anyone at any age.


Yes, we get it, programming is important and more girls should code.  But man does it look intimidating when we accidentally hit “inspect element” and all those numbers, letters, and semi-colons show up on our screen.  Whether you are new to HTML or a a seasoned HTMLer looking to learn CSS, CodeAcademy is an informative and accessible way to learn.  It has self-guided lessons within which programmers have created interactive screens that tell you when you’ve done it right.  We don’t recommend applying to be a programmer after going through the lessons but you will definitely know your way around some code.

Google Analytics Certification

Getting your google analytics certificate, shows you can take initiative, understand trends, and are interested in monitoring your company’s place on the web.  Don’t think it’s as easy as becoming a pastor though, even social media specialists celebrate at the end of the provided curriculum.  Be sure to be able to give it a few good Saturdays and evenings before you take the test, in the end you will understand more about funnels, E-commerce, campaigns, and Adwords.  The 90-minute IQ Test is $50 but the curriculum is free to anyone.

National Geographic, Nova, 60 Minutes

Sometimes we might feel like kicking back and turning on Jerseylicious, sometimes we don’t.  For those times that we feel like enriching our unwind time, we recommend the National Geographic Netflix series, PBS’ Nova, and 60 Minutes.  These three programs are our favorite in long-form storytelling and reporting on current event topics and feature stories on things you had no idea you were a thing.  On the internet exist hundreds documentaries and webisodes but if you’re looking for time-tested journalism and images that would cost lots of money for your Nikon D500 to capture then these science, society, and interview programs are your best bet.

City Events

Every major city has a .gov page and most of them have a myriad of event listings.  No, they won’t be as hip as the listings that point you to the best happy hour of the summer, but hidden between the parades and children’s story-times are classes and lectures that can broaden your knowledge. From literature, finding business leads, online portfolios, yoga, or composting—it’s something new and productive and almost always free.

Have a tip on where you continue learning post-commencement? Let us know!